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Turbulent Story

We’re on a mission to share our passion for cycling and outdoors with the current and new generation of riders. By bringing ruggedly designed, thoroughly tested, and premium products to a market that’s been lacking the right kind of innovation, Turbulent is geared for adventure.

Whether you’re into road or mountain, our products are tailored to a riders specific needs and focused on improving your ride— so you’re getting the most out of your cycling time.

Because we’re cyclists just like you, our own founders thoroughly test each product before going to market (don’t worry, we have cycling pro’s vet each product too). The bottom line is Turbulent is committed to delivering top tier accessories, and positively adding to the sport. A percentage of proceeds are given to a few designated charities, it’s our way of giving back!!

We’re proud to see the sport of cycling grow from when we started riding over twenty years ago and can’t wait to be a contributing part of the current and next generation.

You could be on the gnarliest descent or a family joy ride, TURBULENT will be with you for the ride.